I talk

I talk

Let me put it straight out: “I love to talk”.

It’s something I do all day, everyday. No really, ask my friends if you don’t believe me. Most people might not think much of this but I admire the art of talking and also, the people who can do that really well.

People such as Jesse Eisenberg.

Jesse Eisenberg

That guy is a true master in the art of speaking. I just love his fast-paced voiced( Although it’s something he did get naturally but still… ). I’ve spent countless hours imitating his words from The Social Network and Now You See Me.

There are people out there who don’t really understand “The Art of Speaking” and they probably never will. They might find it as something that the majority of the population can do. They may argue that this isn’t a form of art or isn’t really a skill, or it’s not even a good thing but I beg to defer!

Art is used to express oneself and there is no better way to express yourself than using your voice. For those who say that talking isn’t a skill, I’d like to ask them that how many times have people listened with 100% attention while they talked. No one wants to hear people talk unless they have that magic in their voice.

I for one admire this art. If you ever find me somewhere and are thinking of a conversation topic, this is one. If you too are an admirer of this art, hit it in the comments and I’m very sure we’ll get along very well. (If you’re against this, I still wanna hear it so don’t shy away)

Ammar Shah
Ammar Shah Ammar Shah is a writer, Digital Marketer and Software Engineer based in Karachi, Pakistan
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