Mission 'More Social'

Mission 'More Social'

The last couple of months have been so busy with teaching 5 hours a day, Gym, Pokémon Go, client work(I’m a freelance developer), learning to drive and most recently school, that I’ve hardly had time to use social media.

I’ve Tweeted about 10 times in the past 2 weeks.

I last changed my Facebook display in 2014 (Also my picture anywhere else online)

My last Instagram post was around 12 weeks ago

The list goes on and on…

The point is, I’ve been more or less a ghost on social media for the last few months. I used to be really active on sites like Quora and Instagram but over time I haven’t been able to keep up and I’m not happy about that.

So, I’ve taken on a little mission: Mission ‘More Social’

I’m going to slowly try to be more active on social media sites. I’m going to start with the big three i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus(Yes!) and then move on to others like Instagram, Quora, Tumblr and the rest. This, though, does not mean that all of a sudden I’ll be very active on all my social accounts. I’m going to slowly use them a little more and then find out which socials I need and which I don’t, and then I’ll be active on the ones I need/like.

That’s the plan for now!

Mission ‘More Social’ is go!

p.s You can find my socials accounts in my about

Ammar Shah
Ammar Shah Ammar Shah is a writer, Digital Marketer and Software Engineer based in Karachi, Pakistan
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