What's in my Travel Bag Pack || Winter Trip 2015

Due to lack of time and Internet(and partly due to the cold weather), this post went up a day late.

Bag Pack

I’ve sent out tweets and wrote a blog post about it.

Yes I’m talking about going to Islamabad.

I’m going to leave in a few hours, but before I go, I thought I should share my bag pack with you.

Now this is not my only bag.

I’ve got three more bags(!!).

This is my bag pack.

Let’s get started now, shall we.

The Bag

So first of all the bag itself:

The bag is a Camel Mountain laptop bag which I bought from a local market here about an year ago.

It’s in a Grey-like color though I’d prefer Black to match my heart(Just kidding!{or am I?})

What I really like about the bag is that it’s really spacious and has just the right amount of padding so the back is soft and still strong enough to carry quite some weight.

The bag has served me well and I’m sure it will the next few years.

You can grab this bag for yourself from here

What’s inside

Okay so now for the contents of the bag.

Normally I would stuff this blog with a lot and lot of stuff, but since I had to pack light for this trip, I only added things that I really needed.

Here’s a list of everything:

  • My HP 620 Notebook + Charger
  • Laptop Cooler
  • A notepad
  • The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak (The book I’m currently reading)
  • Sony Earphones
  • USB to PS/2 convertor
  • VGA Display Cable
  • Mini Speakers
  • USB Sticks & SD Card Reader
  • Mouse
  • USB Port Extender
  • Various Chargers for various devices

The list may look long, but my bag is empty for the most part.

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