Phone Manufacturers: Focus on the battery

Focus on the battery

Mobile phones have come a long way - from clunky old devices to pocket computers. With every new release, they only get bigger and better - better cameras, better screens, better operating systems, etc. Phone manufacturers seem to be improving smartphones in every aspect except for one - “The Battery”.

There are few phones out there with good battery life - The Motorola Droid Maxx is one of those few, although I’ve been facing a problem with its battery. Here’s the thing phone manufacturers don’t get: What good is a device with a kickass screen and a great camera but which only has six hours of battery? If I were to go review most of the the newly released phones, I’d point out one similarity between all of them - the battery sucks!

So this blog post is for phone manufacturers, listen up ya’ll:

We love everything you’re doing with our smartphones - Give us speed, give us better screens, give us better cameras but for Gods sake, GIVE US BETTER BATTERIES!!!

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