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I write this listening to Hero by Family of the Year. It’s an amazing song and you should listen to it. I first heard it while watching, Boyhood, a few days ago. I don’t always listen to music when I’m writing but I’m addicted to Hero right now. This post isn’t about the song, nor is it about Boyhood - it could be, but it isn’t. This post is actually about my blog, this blog which I’ve made some changes to.

##Why the change? Before I start with what has changed, I want to explain my plan to you all. As I stated before, I’ve been blogging since 2012 because I love writing and sharing my thought with all of you. In 2014, I started The Worm official and wrote a few posts there. I spent the last few months building a new home for The Worm Official. The last few weeks have been very tense for me as I was trying to decide a few things. Here’s a list of what I concluded:

  • I’ll be shutting down The Worm Official but the old site will still be up as an archive.
  • My focus will be on writing on this blog.
  • Since I like to talk on a lot of topics, I will not be limiting this blog to a specific topic.

As hard as it was for me, I’ve closed “The Worm Official chapter” in my life and will soon be deleting it’s social accounts. This gives me time to focus more on this blog. I’ll be writing here completely from now on. As mentioned above, I will not be following a specific topic. I still haven’t decided the frequency of my posts but I’m sure I’ll decide that too at some point in the near future. Now that that’s done, here’s what has changed:

###Blog Name

Ammar Says Homepage

I’ve decided to name this blog, “Ammar Says”. The tagline accompanying this name is “Freshly Published Thoughts on the world!”. Let me know your thoughts on the name and tagline - I promise I don’t bite!


Ammar Says Homepage

I’ve also made some changes to the side/top nav of the site. On every page, you’ll see the description changes. I just thought it looked good. What do you think?

###Writing Archive

Ammar Says Homepage

I also added in a writing archive. It lists all my posts that are available online.

That’s everything I’ve changed visually. I also made a few changes that don’t really effect your experience so there’s no point in talking about that. I care a lot about User Experience and that’s why I want you to tell me about your experience because I care about you :))

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