Why I quit Harvard CS50

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After a long debate, this post has been updated

A few weeks ago, as mentioned in my previous post, I started Harvards famous Computer Science MOOC, CS50, on edx. David is the reason for CS50s success. He’s very energetic and easily steals the attention of his audience. He is the second teacher who has inspired me, the first one being, Simon Allardice. Now back to CS50.

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In my previous post, I mentioned I started Harvards CS50 on edx. Today, I decided to quit it and I un-enrolled from the class on edx. I made the decision after thinking on it long and hard so I'm not regretting what I did. Here's why I quit:


To sum it up in a line, I didn't have time for it. I'm a web developer meaning what I do is related to the web - websites and web-apps. The course teaches C, a language not built for the web. My main focus was learning full-stack JavaScript and not C. When I started the course, I thought I would be able to do complete it without interference to my commitment to Free Code Camp, which is to start the non-profit projects before the end of 2015! Sadly enough, in the past month, I haven't made much progress there either. CS50x was not in any way my reason for not being able to keep my commitment to freecodecamp, I just got distracted.

So today, I decided to remove all other distractions from my JavaScript learning path and focus on learning JavaScript. For the rest of they year, I'm going to learn and practice JavaScript only. I won't play with any other language such as C or Python.


So there's a few things I'll be doing to keep focused on JavaScript:

  • I'm going to read Eloquent JavaScript
  • I'm going to complete at least one Free Code Camp challenge every day
  • Every week, i.e every Sunday night, I'll be posting about my progress of the previous week.
This is it. By the end of this year, I'll have made good progress if everything goes as planned :)

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