So it begins

Hello World

I’m growing tired of this! This? Writing this, Hello world post. This is the third time I’m writing this and this time I decided to change the title - much better, don’t you think?

Third Time?

Since I discovered blogging in 2012, I’ve set up several blogs on various topics, and have deleted or lost them. I used Google Blogger for my first few blogs and then over the years, used many other solutions such as,, Ghost, MODX, LightCMS, and a lot more. Each blog had a life span of a few months. Here I’m only going to talk about the personal blogs I had/have setup:

  • I wrote the first one titled Ello World back when I started my personal blog in early 2015 but sadly, I lost it!. My first blog was based on WordPress and hosted for free at 000WebHost. The problem with this setup was that it was ad-supported and on every refresh or load an ad popped up which was annoying!

  • My second blog, sadly never made it to the internet. I set it up a few weeks ago, using Ghost and it was hosted on GitHub pages. Now Ghost isn’t natively supported on GitHub pages, as it only allows static sites and Ghost is based on node.js. So, I found this post, that used a set of tools to let you run Ghost on GitHub pages. Following the instructions, I successfully set up Ghost on my local machine and configured it. That is when I wrote, this post for the second time, titled Ello World...Again. I ran into a problem with Buster with that setup and after numerous tries I couldn’t fix it. I contacted the author of the post through Twitter, and I even commented on the post, but after a little back and fro, I gave up! I even got a Tweet from someone telling me the CSS on my site was broken - something I didn’t notice. So I decided to try something else.

  • This brings us to the third and current state - Jekyll, is built by GitHub, the same company whose service I was using to host my site so I thought you can’t get more compatible than that, right? So I started with Jekyll and ran into problems with the final site again. So I explored other popular static site generators from the list at StaticGen. After trying out around a dozen other options and facing the same problem, I concluded I was doing something wrong. So I Googled around, and after a little playing around with Jekyll(actually a lot playing around), I finally nailed it!

Now I plan on sticking with this for a while. I don’t know for sure right now, but I will re-design the site in the future, but right now, I don’t have the time or the energy to do so.



And that’s it. I plan on blogging regularly but I can’t say for sure right now. My High School starts from August 11 and I’m gonna try to fit blogging into my routine. I’m working on a project atm and maybe I’ll write about that in an upcoming post/posts.

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