Twenty Two

Twenty Two

Twenty-Two is a big number! Those years really did go by in a flash, especially the last four! So I haven’t posted here in a while if you can call two years a while that is. I don’t know why but I’ve been putting off updating this website for well over two years.

Originally I decided to update this website back in 2018, on my 20th birthday, but my birthday went by, and then a month, and then another birthday, but I never updated this site. One thing that I’ve learned in the last few years is that I’m a major procrastinator - I just can’t get work done till the last minute. I’ve tried using apps, focus regimes and whatnot, but nothing works. I’m always pulling all-nighters a day (or sometimes a few hours) before the deadline, barely making it. So this year, I decided to gift myself this website as a birthday gift (since I got nothing else). Well it’s been a few years so I’ll start with the updates!

A new family member

So I last posted in 2018, and a few months after that, my older sister got married! About a year late, on the 4th of July in 2019, she was blessed with the cutest baby boy!

Syed Yaseen Ali Shah

Meet Syed Yaseen Ali Shah - or as I like to call him, Bari! This cute little thing has been a source of happiness and love these past eight months and the happiness I get from this little thing is indescribable. This has been one of the major updates in my life. Let’s move on to others.

Physical appearance and fitness

So if you’re someone who has been in my life a while, you know that I’ve always been big on food. And I’m not just talking about eating a lot of different types of food, It’s eating a lot in general. I’ve always had the type of body where I could eat as much as I want and would still manage to stay skinny. My eating abilities have been the topic of discussion several times among friends and family. Although this was an important part of my life for 17 years, somewhere around my eighteenth birthday, my body decided to start taking the food I was eating seriously and I started gaining weight. Around the time of my sister’s wedding, I weighted at about 83 kilograms! To this point, I had not realized that I was gaining a lot of weight - yes I was aware that I was getting a little fat, but the jump from the 60s to the 80s group was something I had not thought of in my entire life.

Ammar Shah with friends at sisters reception

An image from my sisters wedding, I’m second from the right

This was also the time when I met a lot of people who had known me before who started telling me that I was getting overweight. I’ve spent the majority of my life as an extrovert and genuinly confident person, but this started affecting my confidence. I got consicious about my weight and started to work out a bit. I learned about Intermittent fasting, applied it to my life and got great results, but then I gaied back most of weifht that I had lost almost instantly :(

I also started running which has been a great addition to my life. I really enjoy it and is a great way of keeping fit!

Ammar Shah first 5k

My first 5k

Currently I average around 70 - 73 kilograms, which I am fine with. I’m of course not in a very fit state, but I am trying to get in shape and keep it that way - I’ll update you with what happens sometime in the future!

22nd Birthday and Corona

So my 22nd birthday colided with the entire Corona situation around the world, so I had to spend it alone, at home, without stepping out for even a second. Nonetheless, even in the circumstances, the birthday was amzing since it makes you realize how many people out there care about you. While I did spend the majority of my birthday watching two movies, an episode or two of Mad Men on Netflix, and posting a 1000 different stories on Instagran, it was still a very fun birthday and I’m greatful there are people in this world who care enough to wish me and make me feel special.

Like the previous birthday, I’ve created a highlight on my Instagram saving all the wishes that I got from everyone this year. I love you all and would like to take this oportunity to say thanks to all of you. You made my day!

Ammar Shah Instagram

Now as I type this, I relaized that my Insta is private and many of you can not see what I post. So I’ve decided, that if you’d like to follow me on Instagran, you can send me a follow request and just dm with me with a message that you’re there because of this website and I’ll accept your request. But a warning that my Instagram isn’t a lot of fun a lot of the time.

What about this website?

Now although I have posted updates this site, it is far from complete! A lot of things don’t work and I have to still migrate some older content! But, I plan on doing that over the next few days and completing this site, and maybe, just maybe, pushing my procrastinating ass to get up and actually maintain this blog - though this only time wil tell!

And that’s about it! Thanks for sticking with me guys - see you next time!

Ammar Shah
Ammar Shah Ammar Shah is a writer, Digital Marketer and Software Engineer based in Karachi, Pakistan
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