The android app by Microsoft to help you wake up on time

Yes you read that correctly - an Android app by Microsoft.

The app is an alarm clock!

What’s special about this particular clock is that it does not just let you cancel your alarm - You have to play a game to turn it off!

App home

The way it works is that when your alarm goes off, you are given two options you can swipe too - swipe left for snooze and swipe right to cancel.

App options to swipe

If you swipe left, you get a five minutes snooze.


If you swipe right, you are presented with a small game - different every time.

Play the game

Setting up an alarm is fairly simple and self explanatory.

I played around with a while and got quite interesting little things that would require me to either get out of bed, focus or turn on the light.

If you fail at the game, the alarm goes back to it’s previous state, that is the swipe part.

This is quite an interesting app as you can not turn the alarm off in your sleep.

This app is actually a part of Microsoft’s AI project, Project Oxford.

If you’re someone who has trouble waking up, you might wanna try this app.

You download this app to your phone from here!

Ammar Shah
Ammar Shah Ammar Shah is a writer, Digital Marketer and Software Engineer based in Karachi, Pakistan
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