Day 02: ISL to Abbottabad || Winter Trip 2015

Today was Day 2 of my trip.

I woke up to a very, very cold Islamabad morning.

Though I was really tired from the long train ride, I got up at 8 AM.

After breakfast we started to get ready to leave for Abbottabad.

That’s right! After travelling in a train for 22 hours, we were setting out once again for a 3-hour journey by car to Abbottabad.

We left around 2:30 PM and reached, a more colder Abbottabad around 6 PM.

During this over 3-hour ride, we stopped a few times to enjoy the view or just to grab a quick snack from the places we crossed.

The ride wasn’t as much fun as it was tiring so I didn’t really take many pictures.

I’m just glad to have reached Abbottabad safely.

Better sleep now since I have another adventure for Day 3 ahead!

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