The Amazing Ellie

This may be the first meaningful thing I’m writing on this blog!

##Let’s meet Ellie

Ellie Adam

Ellie Adam is a designer and web developer based in Seattle, Washington. I met Ellie through Free Code Camp, where she was on the volunteer team with me. Ellie did some design work for Free Code Camp and that’s how I knew about her skills.

The Favor

I started a blog called The Worm Official in 2014. A few months ago, I decided the blog needed a makeover. I began working on a new design for the site on a new CMS, domain and what not. Halfway through, I decided I needed a new logo to go along with this, since that old image I got off of Google wouldn’t do anymore!

The old logo

Since I had no money to actually pay a designer for a new logo, I contacted Ellie. I asked her for a favor and told her what I needed. I was surprised to find that now only did she agree, but she took the job very seriously and presented me with various options within just two days! Not only this, but she even offered to design a new UI for the blog.

In the end Ellie designed two things for me:

The old logo

a logo,


The old logo

a banner.


I think I couldn’t have found a better person for the job even if I hired someone. Ellie is a passionate, responsible, and talented designer. Other than that, she’s just a great person. I’m pretty sure she’s the person you need if you have a design related job.

Ellie, if you’re reading this,

Thank You for everything! You’re the best!

Contact Ellie

I recommend hiring Ellie for your project too. You’ll be surprised at how seriously and passionately she works on it. Here are ways to contact her:

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