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The time has come for me to admit my crimes:

I haven’t been loyal to this blog and to the people who read it. In my very first post, I promised I would fall into some kind of regularity of blogging after I start High School. A few weeks after that, when I quit CS50, I made yet another promise that I would post about my code journey every week. I haven’t been able to fulfill either of those promises :-(

Phew! Good thing I got that off my chest, I can sleep peacefully now. Am I done here then? Not quite… being the nice guy I am, I’m going to tell you exactly why I haven’t been able to keep my promises, or in-other-words, I’m going to play the blame game :))

TL;DR I blame my High School

As mentioned before, I started High School in the second week of August and had to adjust to my new schedule. Turns out, It’s practically impossible to do so. I leave for school at around 7 AM and return around 4 PM. By the time I change, shower and eat, It’s already over 5 PM. By the time I’m back to functioning properly, it’s over 7 PM and I have to start doing my homework which take two hours(yes they are trying to kill us). By 10 PM, I’m exhausted and just fall asleep. That’s my routine Monday through Friday. Hopefully this will earn me your sympathy and you’ll let me go for not keeping my promise.

TL;DR I found better ways to track my progress while being productive

Now that I’ve laid out the practical impossibility of a blogging routine, I’m going to tell you about my weekends. Judging from my daily schedule, you might argue that I had time to write my weekly report on weekends, and you’re absolutely right. I could have written the weekly report, but I didn’t. At first, I forgot writing it every Sunday night and later on, I realized it was just another burden on me. I only had two free days every week and I could either be productive or worry about everything else I have to do. So I just made rough notes of what I did that day and decided to turn them into real posts later on(which I never did). So I’ve just decided to quit writing my weekly report. The only reason I was writing them was to track my progress right, well FCC, GitHub and other tools I use are already doing that!

FreeCodeCamp does a great job of tracking my daily progress so I don’t need to track it myself,

FreeCodeCamp progress

and so does GitHub.

GitHub tracking

That frees me of the responsibly to track my progress and I can focus more on learning to code.

By now, I expect you warm-hearted people have forgiven me for not keeping my word and sympathies with me and my class fellows and are going to spam my school about the horrific timings. If that is the case, here’s their email.

So basically this posts officially announces my previous promises are now no longer valid. To make it up for that, I’m going to make new promises :))

  • I’m going to go through the backlog of this blog and I’m going to update/edit all of my posts
  • I’m going to try to blog more often about things that I want to write about(I said I’ll try)

If you want me to stay true to my word, you might wanna bug my school so much that they shorten our timings. It’s almost 11 AM so I’m gonna go and eat breakfast. Spam my school!

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